Quilt Queue Updated

Since I know you are all on the edges of your seats wondering about my Unfinished projects….

1. Alice’s Bedquilt — ALMOST done. I’m sewing the binding on now (it’s my in-front-of-the-TV project), and then all it’ll need is a label. Yay! Of course, she doesn’t have a BED, but that’s beside the point.

2. Halloween Quilt — needs a backing, but it’s ready to layer and quilt. I’m thinking I’m going to hang it (unquilted) in the dining room for the month of October, so I can enjoy it anyway. If I did this, I’d safety-pin it to the quilt that’s already in there. I’m pretty sure it’s smaller. Will have to check that.

3. Cinco de Mayo (Evidence of Disease) quilt — blocks are in construction; I’m 50% done on those.

4. Nancy’s quilt — ready to layer and quilt. Taking it to UFO on Friday to discuss quilting designs with my friend Connie (not the same Connie whose scrapbooks I did last weekend).

5. Shifting Perspectives quilt top I made in a class this weekend — very wild. Also not very big, which is a good thing. It’s a very mathematical quilt, and I learned a lot making it, but it’s not going to be one of those that I haul out to show people when they come over.

6. Black Widow Jacket — embellishment phase, but the mockup pattern has been made and fitted to my body, so I think it’s going to be great! My goal is to finish this one in time to wear it to Texas in November. We’ll see if I succeed.

7. Seat Covers for Dining Room — I have the blocks made (thanks, Mom!) and I just need to remeasure the chairs and make a pattern for them. But those will go pretty fast once I start. I hate the plastic covers that we have currently, even though you can see through them. They stick to my legs (and my students’ legs) as I’m tutoring. Annoying.

There are a few other projects in the brainworks, but those are the *started* ones… Considering I started the year with about twice that many, I’m pleased with myself. Go me!

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