Alice on a BIG HORSE

Alice had a 2-minute pony ride this weekend.

Okay, so it was a draft horse. A little bit bigger than a pony.

Megan was at Camp McDowell, and we saw her out working her horses. So she let me have a short stroll and then Alice HAD to have a chance… She eagerly swung her leg over and held on tight (and I deathgripped her thigh) and she rode for about 30-40 feet. She was apprehensive as soon as Obie started moving, but she’s still talking about it. So I think she thought it was pretty cool. Helen just watched her little sister in amazement, I think.

Alice on Obie

One thought on “Alice on a BIG HORSE”

  1. She looks so tiny on that big horse!

    We used to have a horse just like that – his name was Charlie and he was the most gentle giant! I also had a pony called Desi – and let’s just say I would have trusted Charlie with a toddler long before I would trust Desi with one.

    The big horses (in my experience, anyway) have much quieter natures.

    And I love your Crocs 🙂

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