That’s Na-chos, that’s MINE

Today, I maintained my weight under my “official” Weight Watchers goal for the 6th week straight. Having done so, I am now a “Lifetime” member of Weight Watchers, and as long as I am within 2 pounds of my goal, I can attend meetings for free.

To celebrate, Jerry and the girls and I went to Rosie’s Cantina and had Supreme Nachos. I’m surprised I don’t feel bad, because I haven’t eaten that heavily in months. On WW, I could eat like that if I wanted to, I just had to budget for it. Rather than eat a plate of nachos in the evening and subsist on carrots and celery the rest of the time, I’ve eaten a bit more reasonably. And it has paid off. I feel great, I look the best I have in over a decade, and I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT.

And Jerry has been the best cheerleader through all of it. And best of all? Now I know how to eat reasonably for my body type. I always just improvised before; now I KNOW how to do it. And the scientist in me loves knowing that stuff.

Weird, I know. But there it is. 🙂