It continues.

Yesterday, I was going to have some uninterrupted Me Time since tutoring hasn’t really started yet. I have a few students here and there, but because schools aren’t fully in session yet or into the curriculum yet, my schedule won’t be totally full for another week. So I was going to quilt and scrapbook during the holes in my schedule yesterday.

Helen came upstairs at 3am with a 102 fever. So I was thwarted again.

Today, Helen and Alice were going to go to Nannie’s house, as usual. Since Helen had been fever-free for about 20 hours, I went ahead and drove them out there at the usual time, 11am. Helen had an absolute meltdown in Nannie’s driveway and refused to stay and play. Because she wasn’t feeling good, I humored her (ordinarily, I would have left her there, because I know she’d be fine within 5 minutes). So Alice stayed with Nannie and Helen went with me to Mailboxes Etc. and to Weight Watchers, and then stayed downstairs while I had a tutoring student (a session rescheduled from yesterday). She did not nap, though, so I did not get any Me Time — I can’t go into the sewing/scrapping room if she’s conscious because she stands at the door and begs to be let in, and then gets into stuff.

Tomorrow I had a chunk of my afternoon available, and now it’s suddenly filled with tutoring. So now I don’t.

So help me God, if my Friday morning gets stolen from me, too, I’m going to crack some skulls. It wouldn’t be so bad except that I’m COUNTING on this time to keep me sane, and it keeps getting ripped out from under me. And so then I look to the next one, and it gets thwarted, too. And so this has happened for eight days in a row now (not counting over the weekend). If I knew I wasn’t going to get any time to myself until next weekend, I could just look to next weekend and be fine about it. But I keep holding out hope and that hope gets dashed. Over and over and over.

Whine whine whine, I know. But it still pisses me off.