So I have an apparently influential mom/guidance counselor who has brought me about 75% of my tutoring business for the summer.

But at the same time, it’s kind of a hassle. She’ll send/bring me something (test prep materials, results of one of my students’ testing, supplemental materials to help kids fill in the gaps, etc.), and then want to know the next morning what my thoughts are on them.

Ummmm, there’s other stuff going on in my life, you know? I tutor to make a little extra cash, not because I live and breathe this stuff.

Anyway. Just a little vent from little ol’ me, who hasn’t been posting much lately. Sorry about that. This week’s topics wouldn’t have been interesting: my WW progress, Alice’s poop-painting progress (or lack thereof, thank God), the fact that I was having issues from cutting too much fat out of my diet, the growth of my fingernails, tutoring all day Wednesday, etc. Not really great blog fodder.

I’ll try harder.

One thought on “Pressure”

  1. Just who do you think you are to tell me that your fingernails and Alice’s poop aren’t interesting?????

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