I signed up for a “Resolution Revolution” challenge with my local quilt guild in January. Basically, we had to list (at least) 5 quilts that were started prior to 2006, that we vowed to finish before August. For each quilt on our list (up to five) that we finish, we receive a ticket in a drawing at the end of the challenge. People who finish all five will receive 5 extra tickets in the drawing.

I have absolutely no idea what the prize is, or if I’d even like it.

But in August — actually, probably in JUNE — I will have 5 more finished quilts than I had on January 1.

At this point, I don’t care WHAT the prize is. I’m just thrilled to death to be clearing that much stuff off my Quilt Queue.

Out of the Box and Green Albatross were my first two, finished the same week.

StarFish, which doesn’t have any pictures yet, is probably going to be #3. Donna’s Bargello will be #4 (it would be #3 but the beads I need to finish it are backordered), and Experimental Giraffe will be #5. StarFish is about half quilted now, and I only started quilting it Friday. Giraffe needs a backing and then I can layer and quilt it.

Life is good. 🙂