I joined Weight Watchers today. Because my underwear is tight and it’s not the fault of my dryer. My mom joined again, too, because she’s having the same issues. And this way we can guilt each other into behaving.

So. We’ll see how I do. I don’t have very much to lose before my clothes fit again, but I know that I have a please-the-teacher mentality so I need to GO somewhere to actually bother with eating better.

We’ll see how I do. And we’ll see if Jerry loses weight, too, because my dad apparently always does when Mom’s on WW.

4 thoughts on “Accountability.”

  1. Yup. I’m trying to motivate myself back to the gym (wish I had the $ to get a personal trainer so I”d be sure to go) We’ve cut out (or TRYING) white flour, artificial sugars, high fructose corn syrup, basically anything that tastes good. I know I’m only 6 mo post partem, but I’m sick of the back fat rolls. Getting healthy and thin. Until the day science dicovers that chocolate makes you live healthy and longer….

  2. So far, so good. But I really really REALLY need to move the laptop out of the kitchen. The temptation is unbelievable.

    There are some almonds… just over there…. NO NO NO NO NO!!!

  3. My problem is that I hate exercising. I like sports because I think I’m playing a game and not actually exercising.

    I hate rec league soccer, but I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet.

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