Cleaning. Or not.

I have people coming to my house Friday night to scrapbook. I *like* to do this. WHY am I having SO MUCH TROUBLE motivating myself to actually clean up the pigsty we live in?


Tomorrow morning, my mother will remove Alice from the abode at 8:45 for roughly 90 minutes. I will have already taken Helen to school. In that time:

1. Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop the main floor. Yes, I know it’s probably going to rain tomorrow and/or Thursday, which means the dogs will track mud in. But you know what? It’s certainly not going to get BETTER by Friday… At least doing this tomorrow would be a step in the right direction. And perhaps I can get rid of the dogs on Thursday by sending them to the groomer’s…. Which leads me to my next task:

2. Schedule Da Boyz for a trip to the groomer’s, hopefully Thursday, possibly Friday.

3. Clean all three bathrooms.

I think I can get all of that done in an hour and a half, if I’m assertive. 🙂

If I manage to do that, then I need to clear out the laundry room of the things that aren’t supposed to be in there, and reorganize the cookbooks so they’re not just piled up on the shelf in there. And attack the re-forming Pile From Hell in the kitchen. Stupid PFH. It won’t go AWAY.

Children will return piecemeal during the day… Alice around 10:15ish, Helen around 12:45ish, and I will insist upon naps from both of them again after Helen gets home from school. Hopefully I can get more done during that time, even if the “more” consists of Playtime For Mommy. 😀

2 thoughts on “Cleaning. Or not.”

  1. Update, 9:15am. Cannot vacuum, as the Collie Hair has killed yet another vacuum. I guess Alice and I will be making a trip out to the Oreck dealer this morning.

    I guess I’ll go out to the carport and get the ShopVac, because I really HAVE to vacuum. And obviously I’ve got to vacuum before Friday. This could be a bit of a problem…. Maybe I could fake an interest in a Dyson on Friday morning, and “borrow” one from the dealer to come home and try out? LOL

  2. 1. Done
    2. Done — next Monday.
    3. 1/3 complete.

    Looks better around here, though.

    Helen refused to take a nap today, and Alice only took a short one. So I didn’t get anything done at all during naptime. 🙁 Oh, well.

    Tomorrow IS another day.

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