Easter Egg Hunt

More about Easter tomorrow when I have a little more time to write….

But here are some pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt that I took the girls to on Saturday. Alice took her favorite doll, “Beebee Kay-Ay” (Baby Katie) with her, and one time when I was taking pictures she wanted me to take a picture of her baby. So I did.


And then my father-in-law tried to get a picture of the three of us, but Helen just wasn’t really in the mood to be photographed…


They had a great time searching for eggs, and it was a spectacular weekend for Easter for a change. Usually it either rains or is too cold for cute Easter dresses. Not the case this year. It was beautiful, and almost too hot.

4 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. ELAINE! I love your hair that length!

    I wish I felt the same about MINE when I saw it photographed today. Grr.

    But really…. you look GREAT! (cutie pie kids, too.)

  2. That’s a precious photo of the doll – I bet Alice will treasure that photo one day 🙂

    Love the one of the 3 of you too – Alice is soooo cute (as Melissa in Aus would say – “I could eat her with a spoon”) – and even though Helen is not looking the right way…it’s still a great shot.

  3. Stacy — this haircut is transitional. I hate it, because it’s a MAJOR pain to style. But your recommendation has been taken under advisement. I’m getting lots of compliments on it, oddly enough.

    And V — the picture of Helen is typical of her when we’re in situations when there are people she doesn’t know around. She just totally clams up. Poor thing is practically crippled by shyness sometimes. I feel for her, and I’m grateful every day that I don’t have the same problem.

  4. Elaine is growing her hair out. Jerry is happy about this.

    And honestly, the picture of Katie is perhaps the best photo I’ve ever seen from Elaine. Awesome!

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