Easter Dresses

The girls’ Easter dresses are almost done:

Easter Dresses

They are dresses with piped collars and sleeves (because I can’t do it the simple way, of course not) and full linings in the bodice. The pinafore is a full dress that will be able to be worn on its own this summer.

Here’s a closeup of the piping on the collar and sleeves:


and a closeup of one sleeve — kind of strange to make — the pattern is sort of tooth-shaped with roots — but I think they turned out well:


The fabric is very Mary Engelbreit in style, and made me think of my friend, Stacy the entire time I was working on the dresses. She loves Mary Engelbreit stuff.

What remains to be done? Both dresses (well, all FOUR dresses, I guess) need to be hemmed, all dresses need buttons and buttonholes, and I’d like to put pockets on the pinafores with both fabrics, more of the piping, and fused appliques of the flowers made from coordinating fabrics out of my stash. Not sure if I’ll get to that last one, but I’ll give it my best shot. 🙂

That, and I need to take Helen to get some “tappy shoes” (black patent leather shoes) to wear with her dress. Alice has a pair and LOVES to put them on (even with pajamas) and tap all around the house. Helen is jealous.

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