I’ve had to hide the scissors

Helen has an obsession with scissors lately.

This is not good. I am a quilter and a scrapbooker. Scissors abound. I think there are about 5 pairs of scissors within 5 feet of me right now. All hidden, of course, but I know where they are.

And chances are, Helen knows where they are, too.

Thankfully, she hasn’t done anything naughty with the scissors yet. But I know that day will come.

This morning she was playing with some quilt blocks I made recently (This one and this one), to audition fabrics for Alice’s bedquilt… So she’s walking around with them, and she comes back to me and announces that she wants to cut them up.

Helen lost the privilege of playing with those quilt blocks. Even though I won’t be using them in Alice’s bedquilt, ANY discussion of cutting up quilts and/or quilt blocks is NOT. ACCEPTABLE.


The scissors are all WAY up high, behind locked doors, and out of her reach now.