Clean Room

Yesterday, I reclaimed the Master Bedroom. It took me all day, aside from when I went to the hospital to welcome little Scout. I moved out a bookcase after emptying it into smaller ones. I rearranged remaining bookcases and a lamp. I unpacked from Steamboat (yes, we’ve been back for a month. Shut up.). There is a laundry basket full of kid paraphernalia that is waiting to go downstairs and be sorted. But ALL of our clothes are put away in our new closet, and since there’s actually SPACE for it, it was a pleasure to put away. I vacuumed — even in the closet! I don’t think I have EVER actually vacuumed in the closet.

And the last thing I did is kind of funny… I recaulked the bathtub because it had gotten pretty gross. This is a project I’ve had on my list for several years, but have never really gotten around to doing. In the archaeology dig yesterday, I found the caulk knife. So I dug out all of the old caulk, cleaned the area with Kaboom, and recaulked it. Looks SO much better. And it was much easier than I thought it would be. I did notice one spot that I missed, so after we’re done with our showers and it has dried again, I’ll get that spot.

Jerry went up and sat in there for a while last night, just enjoying it. There are no piles anywhere anymore — that’s probably the biggest difference. We’re horrible pilers — so every horizontal surface had at least a 2-foot pile of stuff on it. I found all kinds of things in those piles yesterday. I also discovered that Alice went behind Jerry’s chair at some point and scribbled in pencil all over the freshly-painted wall. Obviously she KNEW that she shouldn’t have been doing that, or she would have done it out in the open… Smart kid. There is now a bookcase over that section of wall — I need to get a Mr. Clean Eraser to get it off, and then probably repaint that section.

Helen came in this morning and said, “Why did you clean up?” Hmph.