The Finished Albatross:
The Green Albatross

Albatross with Helen for scale:
Helen on Albatross

Outside the Box (finished binding it last night during CSI):
Outside the Box

OtB with Helen for scale:
Helen Outside the Box

4 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Oh my! That is amazing! I really like the picture of Helen on it…you get a much better sense of the size of the quilt! Your work is beautiful!

    Now that is done, what are you going to do to top this one? 🙂
    Martha C.

  2. WOW!! So when are you going to start selling quilts so that your friends who can’t sew at ALL can have something as beautiful! I love it, and the Albatros doesn’t look the slightest bit “country”. I really love the colors in “Outside the Box”. Beautiful, E…as all your projects are. I’m always a lot bit jealous! 🙂

  3. Amazing!!!!
    So beautiful Elaine!!
    If only I had more time… this would be something I’d like to learn…

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