Next project….?

My next home improvement (i.e. painting) project should be…. which bathroom?

Kids’ bathroom? With lots of bright colors left over from when we painted Helen’s nursery furniture almost 4 years ago?

Master bathroom? With the rich peachy paint that we bought a few months ago?

Powder room? With the leftover paint from the living room/landing painting fest from right before Christmas?

Polls are open. Vote in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Next project….?”

  1. I vote Kids’ bathroom. But consider: that room is rather dark given the window placement and size… lighter color on the walls would definitely help, as would perhaps a frosted window instead of those blinds.

  2. Frosted window… Good idea. We could either put a static cling thing over it or just etch it, since I don’t foresee EVER needing to see OUT of that window… Etching might be a good plan, actually.

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