Pigs In Church

Jerry bought me (and Helen) Grunt, which is a book and CD of Pigorian Chant. Basically, it’s farm animals singing in Latin, including songs like “Old MacDonald.” The pigs all sing in Pig Latin, of course.

To the casual listener, it doesn’t sound unusual. But if you read the translation, it’s hilarious.

Helen usurped the CD and wanted it for her bedtime music, so we obliged. We’re quite tired of the other CD after listening to it every night for over a year. So every night when she goes to bed, she starts “Pigs in Church.” (Jerry and I call it “Pigs in Space,” and she always corrects us: “They’re not in space, Mommy, they’re in CHURCH.”)

A couple of weeks ago, just after she had commandeered the CD for herself, we were driving to church on Sunday. Out of nowhere came the question, “Will the pigs be there?” Took us a minute to figure out what she was talking about, out of context.

Pigs in church. Tee hee. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pigs In Church”

  1. WHY do I have the bad feeling I’ve just found one of Isaac’s birthday presents??


  2. You won’t be sorry, Jean. It’s hilarious. And if people aren’t paying attention, it just sounds like ordinary chant.

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