Editorial Comment

On the old carpet in the living room, it was VERY easy to find editorial comments when Tango was displeased about the state of the litterbox. Because the carpet was so light in color that the editorial comments showed up VERY well.

We matched the new carpet to the color of most of the spots on the old carpet. This is a good thing — doesn’t show much.

However, it is also a bad thing. Editorial comments have been made again. At least two. I know I found one under the piano. Cleaned it yesterday and it seems to be okay today. God love OxyClean. Cannot find the other, and I KNOW that it’s there. So I’m being forced to crawl around the living room, with my nose to the floor, trying to find the genesis. I have narrowed it to a general region, but haven’t found it yet.

Stupid freaking cat.

6 thoughts on “Editorial Comment”

  1. ooo oooh! Do we get to wear the cool sunglasses, too?

    …..I bet Jerry’s surfing websites looking for tank tops for me now, so I can be like Katherine. Um, except with short brown hair and a pot belly…

  2. Have I mentioned that I hate cats? Specifically because of their tendency to pee on the carpet

  3. When my parents decided to splurge on wall-to-wall carpeting many years ago, they opted for a color that would match “soda cracker crumbs and spit-up”

    Such was their mindset with small children in the house…

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