Hi, Traci!

Everybody, say hi to Traci (who I mentioned in this post, but not by name because I thought it would be rude since she didn’t visit at the time), who has promised to come visit messygoat. 🙂

And Traci, you’re right. The Arizona quilt WAS that other pattern you asked me about tonight. It’s just weird to see it in other colors, I guess.

I went to the UFO workshop and got the binding sewn on the quilt I finished quilting yesterday. So now I have an in-front-of-the-TV activity for the next week or so. Yay!

Also got the rest of the Albatross strip in this morning’s post (below) quilted, and started quilting another one. And went shopping in the Fabric and Thread Crackhouse. Heh. I didn’t go shopping as much as Traci, though. Traci was naughty.


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