Finished the Quilting on this one!

Lookie what I finished today! It still needs a binding (edge), but almost all of the work on this one is done!!!

Outside The Box (picture)

I think I’m naming it “Outside the Box,” because I was pretty much going to follow the pattern instructions and lay it out so that the thin strips were in lines on the quilt. Then a few non-quilting friends came over and started playing with the blocks on the design wall, forcing me to think outside that pattern. I *loved* what they came up with so much more, and changed the position of only a few of their blocks before I sewed it all together. It’s quilted in an all-over feather design, using free-motion quilting and all cotton threads.

This one took me about 2 years, but it was dormant for at least a year of that.

The cat in the picture is Emily. She’s tremendously bored by all of this.