Radio Alice

Yesterday, the girls pretty much had ice cream and birthday cake for dinner.

Helen FINALLY stayed in bed after 9:30, when I very pointedly said, “Don’t LEAVE this room AGAIN.” Normally she’s not bad about that at all, so it was odd.

It was just a hint of what was to come, though. Alice decided at midnight that she didn’t really want to be asleep. Or alone. So she started squawking. I ignored her, but then a thunderstorm woke her all the way up, and she started wailing. She cried off and on (mostly on) for a while before I went down to see what the problem was. It was her “I’m tiiiiiiiiiired and looooooooonely” cry, not one of those cries that would have made me rocket out of bed.

She just wanted to be held. For about a minute. Then she wanted to play.

I got her to settle down, put her back in her crib, and as soon as I (very gradually) lifted my hand off her back, she was on her feet and crying again, reaching for me.

At 2am, after about an hour and a half of this, I heated some milk for her. I have never done this for either of my children before, because COLD milk makes me gag, so the thought of WARM milk is just abhorrent. Bleah. She liked it, but she still wanted to play.

After we administered ibuprofen in case she was hurting somehow (though we couldn’t figure anything like that out — she was happy unless we put her down), Jerry put her back in her crib successfully at 2:30, and came back upstairs. I congratulated him on his success, since I had been totally unable to get her to cooperate (unusual: Miss Alice LOVES her sleep). At 2:35, she started to cry. At 2:36 I turned off the monitor (her cries still carry up through the vent, so we can still hear her, but it’s just not very loud and not guaranteed to wake me up unless she’s SCREAMING). Good Night, Radio Alice.

When my alarm went off at 6am, she was crying again. Maybe because of my alarm; I don’t know. I don’t think she had been crying all that time, because I think I would have been aware of it. I was awake much of the night anyway because of the rain.

Ears? No problem. Those are fine.
Fever? None.
Tummy? No problem. Appetite and output are fine.
Teeth? Maybe. She still only has six teeth, and is LONG overdue for the next batch.

All I know is that BOTH girls are REQUIRED to take naps today. And neither of them is happy about it. And I do. not. care.

NAPS ALL AROUND. And dinner will be a real meal tonight, with their usual routine and bedtime.

4 thoughts on “Radio Alice”

  1. I wonder what the condition of the moon was last night? Mike was up at 12:45 and 2:15, and our cat, who has NEVER done this before climbed up on the high-boy dresser TWICE and TWICE swan-dove into our bed… Maybe the storm had everyboyd messed up?

  2. It’s the sugar from the ice cream and cake. My kids are so sensitive to sugar it’s ridiculous… And it keeps them up.

  3. Helen’s issue was sugar, agreed. Some of Alice’s might have been, but her REAL problem was that one molar cut through last night, and two more will probably come through tonight or tomorrow.

    So we drugged her up in the hopes of getting some sleep tonight. 🙂

  4. There’s something in the air out here in LA…Emma and Theo have been waking up a LOT. I’m so tired and top lack of sleep with lovely post partem depression…it’s not a pretty site here at the Birney/Reischauer house. Thankfully, my husband is the BEST at giving massages and that’s helped me quite a bit.

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