Hot Off The Presses Helenism

“Let’s play house. I’ll be the mommy, and I’m one hundred. You’re the baby. Call me ‘Mom.'”
“Mom, can I have some water?”
“In just a minute.”

7 thoughts on “Hot Off The Presses Helenism”

  1. Emma has been wanting to play “Jesus” lately. She wraps herself up in her bath towels, fake cries, and says, “wah wah I be Jesus”. Mommy be Mary, and Baby Feo be Jofef. Other times she’s Mary, I’m Joseph and Theo is Jesus…what would Freud say about that one? Does this Mean Tim is God? Oh, no…we need to do some re-casting on this one…

  2. Elyse used to want to play “communion” when we’d get home from church… She’d serve everyone bread and grape juice… A slightly sacrilegious tea party?

  3. I used to play “communion” with the smallest, perfectly round chips in the Charles Chips cans. My chalice was a tupperware cup, and the wine was water (Jesus turned water into wine, so I kept waiting for it….)

    Tee hee, Kelley!!!

  4. We don’t just “play Communion” here…we regularly eat the Communion bread. Since I bake it every week, and since if I’m baking one, I might as well bake two, we often have a round loaf with a cross on the top at Saturday or Sunday breakfast.

    The boys refer to it as “Body of Christ Bread”…lightning has not yet struck the kitchen, but I’m waiting.

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