I got a manicure on Friday, even though my fingernails are REALLY short and aren’t in great shape. But my skin is very dry, and I don’t want to have it crack again this year like I did last year. So I’m making an effort to keep my hands much more moisturized (using MK’s Satin Hands is great for this — except I do the steps in this order: 1, 2, 3, dry off, 1 again, 4 –and go to sleep with slimy hands). And I thought that maybe a manicure would be helpful in this regard as well.

So far, so good! Here it is Tuesday afternoon, and I haven’t chipped a nail (or broken one, though I don’t have much nail to BREAK so that in and of itself would be a challenge). And the moisture level is improving, too, but that could also be a result of the 96oz of water I’m trying to drink per day these days…

In any case, whatever the cause, I’m liking the results. And my short nails look really good for once, which is rare for me. I tend to pick at them, so they always look ragged and uneven.

I know you’re thrilled to have this report. 🙂