Goody Gumdrops!

The quilt shop that owns half of our firstborn is having a bring-your-unfinished-projects workshop tonight, and I called today to see if there were any spaces left. And there’s ONE. So my name is on it now, and I’ll be going there in about an hour! Yay!

Apparently, there’s not technically a space for a little while — one woman is coming for a little bit and then leaving early to go out to dinner with her husband. So I’ll work on handwork until she goes.

Then I’ll work on the GIRAFFE! (Sarah, Steph, and Ronda — I did the foil stenciling today — it looks so COOL! So far it’s all gold; might add purple to it, but I haven’t quite decided yet.) This is a project that I am doing for no apparent reason except that Helen loves giraffes. So I’m trying out lots of techniques on it so that I can learn, and not have a bunch of random, dinky little projects that I can’t do anything with. Instead, I’ll have ONE random project that I can’t do anything with.

(tee hee hee)

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