Apparently, my new-and-improved body needs about 3 quarts of fluid a day. I did not drink that much yesterday.

I hate myself sometimes. Today, I really hate my Yesterday Self. With every FIBER of my being. Pun intended.

20 thoughts on “Water”

  1. Just ALWAYS have something with you. You’ll notice that if you always have water on you (or coke, or tea, or whatever), you’ll start drinking it subconsciously. I almost always have liquid on me.. built up by years of not being hydrated enough.

  2. You know you’re in the groove when you get panicky that there are only half a dozen little bottles of water in the house and what if you have to LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT WATER????

  3. Yeah… I just need to buy bottled water, I guess. Or carry one that I can reuse. And then actually USE it. I have quite a few Nalgene bottles from the ResGen days, so maybe I’ll just get one of those out and it’ll be my trusty companion for a while.

  4. Incorrect, Jerry. Two bottles were yours, but one was mine. So I’ll just be sure and use MY bottle and not one of yours. Hmpf.

  5. I used to think it was an indulgence to buy bottled water… But really. They’re like $.10 each when you buy in bulk at Costco or Sam’s, and I’m WAY more likely to actually DRINK one.

  6. But Steph, that’s assuming three things:
    1. That I have a membership to either place, which I don’t.
    2. That I actually would be willing to make an extra trip somewhere I don’t normally go to purchase the bottled water.
    3. That I’d have somewhere to store said bulk-purchased bottled water, which I don’t.

    I know, I know, you’re going to tell me I need a cellar again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Or a mini SUV. My responses:

    1. GASP! Is it possible to live!?!? All of my shopping — at least 90% — is done at Costco.
    2. Again. I live there.
    3. Back of the car. That’s where my stash always is.

    Cellars are better for wine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have a membership to Costco. But the grocery store has the same quantity at about the same price. Especially if you watch for them to go on sale. Target too.

    And you really need a GARAGE. I keep it in the garage. Next to where I park the car. Grab and go.

    Seriously. You are more likely to grab a bottle of prepackaged water than fill your own. No preplanning or thought required.

  9. Oh. Well then, we’re screwed. We closed in our garage two years ago because we weren’t using it (mostly because its placement on the house made absolutely no practical sense, and there was no power out there, so we couldn’t see things that we had stored out there unless it was REALLY bright out. So we only used it to store crap that we NEVER used. And extension cords).

  10. We used to have a CostCo membership. My impression of the place was that while they had good prices, the selection was never the same from visit to visit. Whatever they had then was what they had, and next week they’d have something else. If I saw something I wanted, I had better buy it right then, because when they were gone they were gone forever. Perhaps their prices are low because they get deals for small quantities or something…. dunno.

    For whatever reason, that kinda bugged me. Neither Elaine or I are big shoppers… we tend to go buy something when we need it (I need a white shirt, so I go buy a white shirt). Boring, I know… but hey, I’m a boring guy.

    Sometimes it makes sense to buy things in bulk. and sometimes it does not. That gallon-size jar of mayonaise that’s such a bargain takes up the same refrigerator space whether it’s full or empty, so I’m stuck with devoting refrigerator space to it for the next year until it’s used up. I can buy a 3-pack of quart sized maynaoise jars where only one goes in the fridge… but the other two take up pantry space. For noncritical items, why should I buy a bigger house and pay to heat and cool them?

    off to blog this

  11. Jerry lacks the hoarding gene. Seems he doesn’t even have the GOOD hoarding gene. The one that buys 24 rolls of TP because now you don’t 1. run out or 2. have to get more next week.

    Costco has the gallon size things…to be sure. But mostly they don’t. They have really good pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They have high end wine. Good electronics selection. I can get batteries by the gross when we go through them like water due to all the battery powered items. I bought a gift today needing a AAA battery. Did I want to buy one for $3? No. I bought a bunch for $5 at Costco. And we are never running to the store for remote batteries.

    And they have good prices on digital prints.

    We don’t buy everything they sell. But what we do buy is at a good price. The other day they had twice as much (at least) of my favorite hair product for more than half the price that I paid at the store.

    And they keep track of your purchases so you don’t need a receipt for returns.

  12. Perhaps Costco has changed, then. When I was a member, it just seemed like a slightly more upscale Sam’s Club.

    I _have_ the hoarding gene… I’m just trying to suppress it. I also have the completist gene, which makes me want to have complete sets of things instead of one or two. I have the “better keep this, it might be useful someday” gene. I even have the “this random worthless item has some vague sentimental attachment” gene. It’s a bad combination. Thus, I fight it.

  13. See…. that’s the thing….

    You can exercise the “useful someday” gene with disposible items like toilet paper and bottled water.

    Keep stuff, but use it up and it goes away!

  14. Keep it WHERE, Nancy? In the middle of the floor? On top of the dryer? That’s what we’re trying to AVOID, because we had to do it in the last house. If we can’t store it in a closet or in the pantry, it DOES NOT BELONG IN THIS HOUSE, and I won’t buy it. Period.

    (Unless it’s quilting fabric. Then all bets are off.)

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