Tubes, Part Deux

Miss Alice goes under the knife again in the morning… Both tympanostomy tubes have come out, and her recent bouts with ear infections indicate that she’s not yet past the round-headed-kid stage of needing ear tubes. So here we go again.

Hopefully this time we won’t have another winter where amoxicillin takes up a regular position in our refrigerator.

She’ll probably spend the morning sleeping it off, and then be NOISY tomorrow afternoon when she can suddenly hear much better again.

2 thoughts on “Tubes, Part Deux”

  1. Oh, gosh…I forgot it was tomorrow! I hope it all goes well and Miss Alice recovers rather quickly!

  2. Two things:

    1) I LOVE AMOXICILLIN. LOVE IT. But only in liquid form.

    2) I’ve quickly learned that, when you have kids, your sick days are not really for you. They’re for your kids. How did I learn this? By using my sick days for me and then having a sick kid.

    3) I can’t count.

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