Piping Foot Missing

I like to stitch fine corded piping to the edges of collars, button plackets, and sleeves of clothing for my girls. I have been known to add it as a subtle accent to a quilt top, when just a touch of color is needed between the main body of the quilt and the border, but I don’t want to add width or length.

Last night, I went to a workshop at my favorite quilt shop — the UFO workshop, where you bring your UnFinished Objects of any type sewing-related and work on them. Dinner is provided, and there is MUCH giggling and yapping and gossiping. I love these ladies down to my toes.

I got there a little late (I had it in my head that the workshop was from 6-10, which is a dosage length of ibuprofen, so just about perfect for my threshhold) while they were all eating. Since my diet is still pretty restricted, I had eaten at home, just in case she had lots of salad and things that would be tough for me to process. So, while they were all eating, I just pulled display quilts off the design walls and started slapping up the blocks of my Halloween quilt, which I started in April or May. Made a few more blocks so I’d have enough, and had fun playing.

One of the benefits of going to these workshops, aside from the food and the friendships and the design wall space, is that since we’re all working on different things, there are at least 9 more pairs of fresh eyes to look at what I’m doing and offer suggestions. Quilters are pretty polite people, only offering opinions when asked, but if I asked for opinions, I got them.

And once I had everything put together, the overwhelming opinion was that I needed to have a line of yellow-orange piping around the main quilt top, before the border. It just NEEDS it.

So. I got everything else done and ready to go, but by that point it was 10:15 and I was really starting to hurt, so I started to pack up — and was fussed at for leaving early. If I had started to make the bias strip to do the piping, I would have been there for at least another hour, with Mary breathing down my neck to get me to leave after the 11 o’clock end of the workshop. So I needed to come home.

Came home, and today I was setting up my sewing machine again, and I discovered that I’m missing my piping foot for my machine! This is the piece that holds the fabric in place while you sew, and the piping foot has a special groove that the cording fits into so that as you sew it everything stays totally straight. You can make corded piping without this foot, but it takes about twice as long to do it.

My mom borrowed it in August, I think, so that she could complete a quilt for the quilt show. I don’t remember if she gave it back to me. She doesn’t remember if she gave it back to me.

We’re both trying to find the stupid thing, because it’s a great little tool to have.

So. If I can’t find it, I guess she and I will go halfsies on another one. I think I remember her giving it back and me doing something idiotic like putting it in my pocket or the pocket of the diaper bag. Which is the kind of stupid thing I’d do when a kid was distracting me.

Maybe I should go clean out my purse. This thing is smaller than a quarter, almost that flat, and shiny metal. So it would be pretty easy to lose.

Heartbroken. I was going to finish that Halloween quilt top tonight. Curses, foiled again.

2 thoughts on “Piping Foot Missing”

  1. Hmmmm…… I have a box of feet for my sewing machine. I wonder if *I* have one of those.

    Who knew those things had a purpose. A use.

    My machine is a cheapo Kenmore, so surely it would not work on your Rolls Royce. Otherwise I’d hand it right over….

  2. I don’t have a Rolls Royce — I have the equivalent of a low-end Mercedes. 🙂

    I did clean up my sewing room (well, it’s cleanER than it was, anyway) last night looking for the foot… No luck, though, but at least my sewing room looks a lot better!

    In any case, my mom found the foot. She handed it to me in church this morning during the Passing of the Peace. Yay!

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