PizzaMonster Update

“Mommy, I’m not afraid of the PizzaMonster anymore.”
“Why not, Helen?”
“Because, he goes to school. He goes to high school.”
“Which high school does he go to?”
“The one by his house.”
“By his house? Does he walk there? Is it close enough to walk?”
“No, he doesn’t walk. He doesn’t have feet.”
“He doesn’t have feet? But how does he get to school?”
“He just drives.”
“How does he drive? Does he have arms?”
“Yes, like ME!”
“The PizzaMonster has arms like you?”
“Yes. And [indicates her face] this… And… and… hair! In pigtails!”
“Wow. The PizzaMonster has pigtails.”
“Yeah. Like ME!”
“The PizzaMonster is really a girl.”
“A girl, huh?”
“Yeah. And her name is Emily.”

To sum up: Helen is no longer afraid of the PizzaMonster, who has no feet, goes to high school by HER house, and drives there with her arms and face and pigtails, and her name is Emily.

Never mind what I said before. 😀

2 thoughts on “PizzaMonster Update”

  1. Mira used to use unfortunatley and actually in sentences before she turned two. She would say, “unfortunately, mommy, you have to go to work.” Unfortunately (pun intended), Mira would not say a word to anyone she didn’t know well, so most people thought that Mira wasn’t talking at all. Leela says several words, but is so far no match for her sister. So much for me taking credit.

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