To all you single moms out there, you are my heros.

It’s amazing to me that the two hours of help that I get from Jerry on weekdays (between when he gets home and when they go to bed) makes such a HUGE difference for my mental health… And then just recharging by talking to him and snuggling with him… But my GOODNESS, I miss him.

I might just go to bed early tonight so that tomorrow is here sooner and then it’ll only be ONE MORE DAY until he’s home.

And it’s not that the kidlets are being nightmarish — they’re not at all. They’re just being themselves. But I swear, I am SO CLOSE to going down into the playroom with a trashbag. Jerry has long said that we need to rig the room with a rake much like in those self-cleaning litterboxes, and just rake all the toys and shoes and laundry and junk that gets strewn everywhere into piles on the sides of the room. I only pick up in there once a day — if that — so that I don’t end up ripping my hair out from wasted effort as I watch them tear through the place again.

I *KNOW* it’s because they have too many toys. I *KNOW* we need to cull them. But I do not WANT to go down there when the kids are asleep, because I don’t wanna be in the Kid Lair. I don’t want to go down there when the kids are out of the house for the same reason. Ugh.

Maybe Jerry and I can attack that room with a trashbag on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Collapse”

  1. I’ll help! You need an objective party who tells you that you really CAN get rid of the legless Barbie that has had her hair snipped clean off.

  2. LOL… I told Jeff the other day that if we ORGANIZED Mike’s toys and rotated what he has access to, he’d have way more fun.

    Except for Thomas the Train, of course.

  3. And I’m sure Jeff loved that idea, cause it has engineer written all over it.

    Yeah, I’ll gladly hold the trashbag. When I was a kid, we had NO toys. None.

    I lie a lot. 🙂

  4. Brian and I have purchased just about every type of advice possible to organize the toys in our toy room.
    It doesn’t make one damn difference. Still looks like a tornado hit every day.

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