Current Score: Helen 1, Jerry 0

So Jerry’s in the New Room packing up his camping gear, and the girls and I are in the kitchen and they’re having dinner. Helen looks over, sees her daddy, and says in the sweetest little voice (not whining),

“Daddy, don’t go to Coloradooooooo… Stay heeeeeere! I’m going to miss you sooooooooo much! Don’t goooooooo! You’re my best friennnnnnd!”

I heard a kathump as Jerry came over the babygate that protects all the computers in the New Room from Alice. He had a distinct pouty bottom lip as he knelt down on the floor and hugged his precious little girl.

She was not coached by me, but I’ll pay her later. 🙂 Heh.

Too Tight

Since I stopped nursing, my boobs have gotten back to pre-pregnancy size. Well, a little smaller than what I originally started with four years ago, but not THAT much smaller.

As a result, all of my bras are now ill-fitting. When I stopped nursing Helen, I still had some extra weight on me so my boobs were bigger. I bought a few 38B bras from Victoria’s Secret, and they weren’t push-up bras — my extra girth filled up the top part of the bra.

This time around, I don’t have extra girth, so the tops of my bras are all wrinkly-like, especially under T-shirts, because I don’t fill them up. So I went off to Victoria’s Secret to try on the Very Sexy bras (that’s the style name, not just the description) that had been recommended so highly at the birthday party on Saturday night. See, I need a pushup bra to make me a full B-cup — I don’t end up with big cleavage or anything — I just look normal.

The girl there measured me at a 38B, and VS doesn’t carry that size of that particular bra in the store — only online and in the catalog. So I tried on 36B and determined that the cup size and pushup padding were perfect, but I couldn’t breathe so I decided to come back home and buy the right size. Bummer, too — the salesgirl was going to get a NICE commission because she was so helpful. Tried other 38Bs in other styles, but none of them had the right amount of padding, so I still had wrinkles at the top of the bra (which is ANNOYING when you’re wearing a snug T-shirt).

Well, rather than just go straight home, I went off to Dillard’s to see if THEY had any 38B pushup bras. The salesgirl there measured me as a 36B, but she pulled the measuring tape so tightly around me that I was gasping for breath. She was a large-breasted woman, so I found myself wondering if there was a connection there. She maintained that the strap should be so tight across the back that you can’t fit a Coke can between the strap and your back. REALLY?! I decided that was just a desperate act of large women to wear smaller sizes. I can’t imagine that it could be true — I mean, how could singers SING with their bras that tight? I know I can’t. If I can’t get enough air (if I wear a 36, which I used to before children expanded my ribcage, so I still have a few of them), I yawn a lot. That can’t be good.

I tried on a few 36Bs and found them VERY uncomfortable, so I looked around briefly for 38Bs and didn’t see any. So I came home and ordered the Very Sexy bras in the right size from Victoria’s Secret, and they arrived yesterday. Very comfortable, and my clothes fit again! Yay!