Survivor guilt.

I went to the grocery store today, like normal. I bought food to stock my kitchen, like normal.

I came home to unload it and saw the Red Cross shelter behind my house, that is housing people displaced by the storm. It’s not as populated today, or at least not the parking lot. Maybe because it’s Labor Day, I don’t know.

People have been sending me money so I can buy things to help with the Katrina aftermath. I’ll let the shelter know tomorrow that I can buy them some essentials, if they still need things. If not, I’ll help stock my church’s truck — they’re renting a truck to send to the Mississippi coast and it will leave Friday.

Our priest was funny — “If there’s too much stuff to go on one truck, what a wonderful problem that will be! We’ll just rent another truck.”

I hope we have to rent another truck.

One of the things listed as a need for this truck is “Chainsaws.” My friend Eric (Happy Birthday, Eric!) and I were talking today, and I mused… How will they be powered? Gasoline? The region is already having trouble keeping up with gasoline demand. And when you CAN find it, it’s expensive. Electricity? But the power’s out in much of the affected area… So maybe I won’t be rushing out with the money I’ve been sent and buying a chainsaw. Maybe I’ll get roofing nails. Or cases of bleach. Or something else. All I know is that I want to send things that will be useful.

2 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. Hey! The announced on the news this morning that they’ve closed the shelter. They found everyone more permanent places to be — with families and in hotels. Good news.

  2. Oddly enough, Boeing is encouraging people to donate money ONLY, because the effort is so scattered right now that they really don’t know what they’ll need 12 hours from now. So maybe just a big ole check.

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