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I got this off of Stacy’s site (link is to the right)… But this is a first-hand account written by Rexann, a fellow scrapbooker in Louisiana. I met her in 2001, though she probably doesn’t remember me as much as I remember her. She’s a hoot!

This morning we were listening to WWL…a New Orleans radio and TV station (the only one left able to broadcast! and they are on a skeleton crew of three reporters, a producer and a camera guy!). They are PLEADING for help! My dh is certified in search and rescue and he HAD to go…he just felt like he needed to do something. He got a boat, got a patrol car to pull it with and off he went.

Guys, if you have been watching TV, you are only getting part of the story! In less than four hours, my dh and several other volunteers pulled over 200 people off of roof tops and out of attics. They literally launch their boats off of the interstate exit ramps, ride into an area, turn off their engines and call out, listening for people beating on their attics from the inside. They then go to the house (he said EVERY house had water at least to the eaves!!!) and they literally hack a hole in the roof to get to the people inside. Worse yet…most of those he rescued today were elderly folks…dehydrated, hungry, and exhausted from yelling for help!!!

I still can’t hold back the tears as I think of these people. Can you even imagine having to climb into your attic as the only alternative to allowing yourself to drown?! And then realizing you’re trapped there unless someone can hear you scream?!! This is reality….this is happening all over the city and around it.

As for New Orleans and the surrounding areas, there will not be any power for over a month…not only are the lines down, the power stations are destroyed…it’s like starting from stratch! There are fires everywhere and no way for them to be put out. There is crime happening and in many places the only way for the police to get to these places is by boat.

And, as much as I hate to pass this on, it is true, there are dead bodies floating around! My dh said there is no place to put them yet, they barely have place for the living! There is NO food, NO water and really NO shelter. WORSE…no communications!!! No land lines, no cell towers….


Pray for the workers and police (there have been several officers hurt and shot today!)

and pray for the people – no homes, no jobs, with the athorities saying schools won’t start againg for months, power won’t be available for weeks and because of the water, they have no clue where to put people! (FEMA usually sets up tent cities but with this situation, there is no place to do this!)

Hug your family tonight, thank God you aren’t in an attic listening for a boat, send money to the Red Cross or Operation Blessing and PRAY!

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  1. I read this and am astonished we’re not having some local drive here, supported by one of our local stations. In fact, I remarked this morning how one station is actually sponsoring some stupid office contest instead. It annoys me.

  2. I tried to get onto the American Red Cross site this morning to make a donation, but couldn’t. At least maybe that means there are a lot of people trying to donate?

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