Impromptu Vacation

Today, Jerry is in Nashville. Well, not quite yet. But he’s on his way up there. More specifically, he’s in Brentwood, at the REI store.

His vacation is in about 2.5 weeks, and he NEEDS it. And they needed to make one last trip to REI to get the last few camping essentials that they didn’t have yet. So Jerry’s boss called this morning to see if he wanted to go. (His vacation is a backpacking trip in Colorado with his boss and several coworkers, and it’s the 3rd annual trip. They always have a great time, though Alice’s attempts at premature arrival threatened to ruin the last trip) So off they went, and Jerry said he’d be home around dinnertime. I told him not to worry about it — wander back when he’s ready. I can always skip Dog Agility, and I might anyway since Helen’s fever is still way up and she’s quite clingy in this state.

I’m SO glad he’s getting to do something a little different today. His life has been day-in-day-out for so long that he’s worn (or “washworn,” as I’ve read on eBay lately)… The stuffing has been loved out of him, I think. Today should take care of some of that, I think.

Poor guy. I don’t like seeing my Jerry so weary. A mini-vacation will do him some good.

4 thoughts on “Impromptu Vacation”

  1. That would be so hysterical to watch jerry and conrad go at it 🙂
    and i am sure you will be meeting him pretty soon. 🙂
    great times!

  2. If he’s good enough for Megan, he’s probably good enough for me. Besides, my karate is only to be used for self-defense. 🙂

    Today was good. I needed the break.

  3. I take it he was in neither the Brentwood next to Beverly Hills, CA, famous for being the home of movie stars…OR… Brentwood, CA, Northern. Famous for sweet corn.

    Cause if Jerry was in either and did NOT come visit me…. I’m gonna be mad.

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