He Loves Me

Tonight, Jerry went out with his coworkers because they have an upcoming trip to the Rocky Mountains to go backpacking, and they kindasorta need to start planning it.

After they had pizza, they went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream, and Jerry called to ask if it would be OK if they came back to our place to discuss things, and oh, did I want any ice cream?

I have a handpacked quart of Daiquiri Ice (my faaaaaaaavorite) in the freezer.

Yep, I’m keepin’ him. Hands OFF, ladies. Mine mine mine.

7 thoughts on “He Loves Me”

  1. Smart man…. bring ice cream when bringing the hiking boys home…

    Bribes work. It’s all good….

  2. I’m sorry. ‘Ice’ does not even come close to being real ice cream.

    But if Jerry brought it, I suppose that’s ok.

  3. Sue, you SNOB, sometimes (like, oh, I don’t know, AUGUST IN ALABAMA) ice cream can be even a little too heavy for me.


    (My seasonal favorite is Quarterback Crunch, which they only have during football season… It’s chocolate-coated Rice Krispies in vanilla ice cream with a caramel ribbon, and I will eat it until I’m sick.)

  4. Daiquiri Ice is my favorite too! But Jeff hates it… he claims it isn’t real icecream too. MEN!

  5. First off, we didn’t START planning the trip last night, we FINISHED planning the trip.

    Second, Daiquiri Ice is not my favorite either, being somewhere south of ‘ice cream’ and north of ‘space age polymer.’ But E likes it, and that’s good enough for me. 🙂

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