Kids are Gross

For lunch today, Helen wanted peanut butter. No bread, no substrate of any kind, just peanut butter on a spoon. Since she rarely requests protein-rich food, I was happy to oblige.

I had also given her a handful of Cheetos because she had been saintly at the grocery store and one always rewards sainthood with Cheetos.

Apparently, to a three-year-old, Cheetos dipped in peanut butter are delicious.

4 thoughts on “Kids are Gross”

  1. hey! that’s icky and all, but i find most things dipping in peanut butter quite delicious.

    sent you an email.. yay! no giraffes this time, sadly..

  2. I didn’t see why this was so gross until I realized I’d misread your post. I thought you said “Cheerios” you see…

  3. Still wanting to know what’s gross…..

    Although the true gourmet knows that peanut butter on POTATO CHIPS is the best. Cheetos will do in a pinch.

    Potato Chips layered on the inside of your pb&j sandwich? Deeeelish.

    Damn. Now I’m hungry and it’s nearly 10:30pm.

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