Nekkid Alice in a Sweater

Here’s a picture of Alice in the sweater — I finished it yesterday! Now I’m on a quest for the buttons, but the sweater itself is DONE. Thrilled to pieces. Giving myself a break from knitting for a little bit. 🙂

Alice in the Sweater

7 thoughts on “Nekkid Alice in a Sweater”

  1. You and my sister-n-law are on my short list for “people who make me sick because of their knitting ability.”

  2. Cute!

    Now, I’m not intentionally trying to rain on your parade but, Do you think it will still fit by winter, or will she have outgrown it?

  3. Well, it’s quite large, actually. The sleeves are about 1-1/4″ to 1-1/2″ too long, and the body of it is VERY big. So it’ll at least fit her through the fall, which is what I wanted. Next one I make (which is for Helen) is being made in the 4-5 size (so that I can be pretty sure that it’ll fit her for at LEAST the coming year…). So I won’t be cutting it so close next time. 🙂

    The key to this particular pattern for Alice was that the description said something about “loose-fitting.” Awwwwwwright!

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