Alice woke up at 5:08. Crying. Jerry suggested just letting her cry, but Helen’s a somewhat light sleeper. I didn’t want to risk waking HER up, too. So I plodded downstairs and held Alice for a little while covered in a blanket. I thought maybe she was cold, because her room does get a bit chilly with the door closed.

That wasn’t the problem. So I felt around in her mouth — she still only has two teeth, so we’re due for a new batch. She would NOT let me touch her upper gums. I put numbing medicine on her gums and put her back in her crib.

And then I abandoned her to her screaming and went back upstairs. And you know what? Jerry was right. She went back to sleep. And Helen didn’t wake up.

They both woke up around 7.

My mom called my cell phone at 6:25, ready to walk with me and Alice if we were up. I would have enjoyed that, but I was really enjoying sleeping. I’d go walking now, except that the ultra-cheapo double stroller (Evenflo piece of crap) I have is broken, and so I can’t go with both kids (unless I shoehorn them into the same seat… Hmmm… There’s an idea). The parts we need to fix the stroller have been backordered for over a month, and customer service won’t answer my emails. I’m not impressed.

Probably time to get a new stroller. Since I’m made of money and all.

4 thoughts on “5:08”

  1. Weak. Sad. Pitiful. Excuses, that is.

    *I* go out and sweat….and you…. DON’T?


  2. Oh, never you worry. It’s late June in Alabama. I’ll do my share of sweating today.

  3. Other than the wheels, I *like* the stroller. I gotta see if my pipe clamp idea will work.

  4. I betcha Alice will sleep later tomorrow. And I’ve found that siblings can sleep through much more than we give them credit for.

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