So I’m working on Alice’s sweater. I’ve got the back, both sides of the front, and one sleeve completed. I think I’m going to run out of yarn before I finish the hood, but NANCY TO THE RESCUE… Nancy bought one hank of the same color green (same dye lot) when we were in Texas, and I’m going to buy it from her and replace with a new hank (different dye lot). Dye lot doesn’t matter to her, does matter to me. Slight differences would look weird at this point.

But the sleeves are sort of a pain to make — meaning, I can’t just zone out and knit. I have to pay attention. I have to add stitches on the following rows: 5, 9, 13, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41, 47, 53, and 59. And then knit another row and cast off.

Thankfully, with the stitch pattern I’m doing, counting rows is very simple and easy to do. But it’s still a pain. And of course, I get all OCD about it and want to get through this part as fast as possible so I can move on to something a little less… involved.

I finished one sleeve tonight at a meeting, and a friend was looking at it. He was concerned: “Um, Elaine? It’s not square.” Nope. Not supposed to be. It’s a sleeve, for a chubby-armed infant. It’s trapezoidal.

Trapezoidal. Cool word.

2 thoughts on “Trapezoids”

  1. Don’t buy it, just have them send me a hank. Or pay me and I’ll buy it myself. At any rate, don’t buy it from me and then send me a new one.

    I gotta undo that whole not-a-sweater and I’ll send the bit that’s been knitted too. Dunno what I’m gonna do with that yarn now that my sweater’s all gone to H E Double Hockey Sticks…….

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