Shades Update

Because I know you’re fascinated

I have one window shade almost complete. However, the instructions failed to mention the critical need for several pieces of hardware (eyehooks and a cord holder, namely). So I must go BACK to Hancocks and/or Home Depot to obtain these.

Just as well, since the imbecile who cut out the 4 yards of blackout fabric for me only cut 11 feet. Which leaves me with, um, significantly less than I actually need. So I have to get more of that, too. I have enough to finish the shades for Alice’s room, but not enough for Helen’s window.

I also need to go get polyester thread so that the rings are attached to the shade with something a bit stronger than cotton quilting thread.

Looks pretty good, though. I’ll post a photo when I’m fiiiiiiinally done. Sometime next April.

SO. In honor of Anjali, I will be installing contractor bags over Alice’s windows for the next few nights to keep her room DARK.

2 thoughts on “Shades Update”

  1. Oh, you are too funny! Hey, why don’t you make some curtains for me? You can just add me to the bottom of your insanely long list of projects!

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