A Strange New Quilt

I went to a quilting class on Friday night, and started working on this:
Enough with the #&$&^# Orange

I’ll admit, it’s strange.

I am in the process of making at least 12 more blocks for it (so that it’s 8 blocks by 5 blocks), so that with the right border, it might look nice on the wall over our bed. Gotta find the right border, though… It has been my experience that odd quilts like this really NEED a border to tame them. There’s one that I made (the one Jerry named “O, My Eyes Are Bleeding”) that was totally obnoxious until I got a border on it. Now it’s just mildly obnoxious, and I like it a lot better.

This is the same kind of a quilt. Once I get the top all put together, I’ll have to take it out and audition border fabrics to see if this one can also be tamed.

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