Helen scraped her knee pretty well at playschool today. I think they were kind of worried about what my reaction was going to be, because the second I walked in the door Miss Jeannie said, “Show your Mommy your boo-boo!” and explained how it had happened. Apparently, Helen was pretty matter-of-fact about it, even through the tears: “I’m okay,” and “It’ll get better.” Sweet. I didn’t fall all over her or examine it while we were there, either… I don’t think my children need any help being dramatic, so I try not to get too dramatic when reacting to stuff.

She’s got a scrape on the entire top of her right kneecap, and then a gash about 3/4-inch long underneath that. They had a big bandaid on top of it with three metallic stars. The inside of her left knee has some little scrapes, but nothing too significant. When we got home, I took off the original bandaid and put two Dora the Explorer bandaids on it.

Helen wanted FIVE bandaids. So I got her a Blue’s Clues bandaid to play with. No, Mommy, FIVE.

As this is the first real cut she’s ever had, she now has five bandaids adorning her right knee. I placed 2 of them, she placed the other three. And she is PROUD of those bandaids. As I was herding her upstairs for her nap, she kept saying, “Don’t COVER my BANDAIDS, Mommy!”

I have a feeling that long pants will not be allowed as long as there’s a scab to show off. She had a cat scratch once that she milked for three weeks, until she couldn’t remember which arm it had been on. But grandparents are suckers for these sorts of things, and she’d get fresh bandaids at every visit.

Just like her mommy, Helen loves all things adhesive.

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