Ah, it’s that time of year again.

My dark blue car is green. When I spend more than ten minutes outside, it starts to feel like I have toenails in my eyes. I’m not having other allergy problems this year, really. Just the usual sludge issues, but nothing worth calling the doctor and complaining about, so it’s not so bad. God bless Zyrtec.

The only problem is that with the advent of nicer weather, Helen wants to be outside all the time. Which would be fine if it didn’t just make me tiiiiiiiiired to have my eyes out there in all the pollen. But it’s fun to go out with her and puddle-stomp on the rainy days — and those days aren’t anywhere near as uncomfortable…

The other day, after 6 days inside sick, Helen was DESPERATE to go outside. It was raining, but I took her out there anyway, with Alice wrapped up in a blanket. Helen was SO excited. I put her in sandals and a raincoat over her little dress and pajama pants, and she had a blast tossing rocks into a bucket of rainwater. Muddy splashes everywhere, and she cackled like a little maniac. It was a moment I’ll treasure. She was soaked and dirty when we came in, but I didn’t care. She was smiling. And after 6 days of Helen in a crumpled heap on the floor, I was happy to take soaked and dirty.

I’m so glad to have this past week behind us. My girls are healthy again, thank God.

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