Watching Helen hunt for Easter Eggs yesterday was hilarious. She would cackle like the little maniac she is every time she saw one. At one point, Jerry looked over at me with sheer joy in his eyes and said, “This is better than Christmas!” We all had a wonderful time hunting the eggs that the super-sneaky Easter Bunny had left, even though Mommy and Daddy were both sick with the Spring Allergy Crud, or SAC.

The funniest part about the Easter Eggs was that Helen quickly discovered that some contained chocolate and some contained jelly beans. So she’d pick up an egg, shake it, and then sort it according to contents. By 4pm she had eaten all of the chocolate, and out of desperation to maintain that elusive sugar high, was starting on the jelly beans. As of breakfast this morning I don’t think there was any candy left.

Amazingly enough, I think she had a decent lunch AND dinner yesterday, in spite of it all. But I just let her snort down all the candy she wanted — it’s not like we do that very often.

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