I started taking Zyrtec again the other night. I’m trying taking it at night this year, to see if that helps with the fatigue aspect of taking it. It makes me verrrrrrry tired and sleepy for about the first week/10 days I take it. I think I’m on day 3 or 4. I feel like a zombie.


Helen is a very light sleeper if it is daylight. She sleeps like a rock in the dark.

One of the things that prevents me from putting Alice’s crib into Helen’s room is that Alice currently wakes up VERY early for breakfast… like between 5 and 6 in the morning. And I don’t want her to be waking Helen up at that hour, because that means that I will have to get up, too. Ugh.

Of course, if Alice squawks after sunrise, Helen is instantly awake. Which is what happened this morning. Alice started her morning Happy Noises, and Helen was in our bedroom taking off her diaper almost immediately.

I am soooooo sleepy. Hopefully since it’s Saturday I can catch a nap sometime today. That would be lovely.