Ears again?

Alice has had 3, possibly 4, ear infections since mid-November. I think she’s starting on the next one. Her pediatrician told me last time we were in there that if she got another one we might discuss the possibility of having tubes put in on that side (so far she’s only had infections on one side — the other side seems to drain just fine on its own).

Her symptoms — or lack thereof — are atypical. She’s just crabby and she won’t sleep. That’s it. No fever, no congestion, nothing else. Just miserably crabby and she only takes powernaps rather than sleeping for any lengths of time.

Since the last infection, her sleep patterns had returned to normal, and she was sleeping through the night again. It was lovely. But lately she’s been refusing to nap and waking up after only a few hours at night. This makes for a crabby kid during the day (and an exhausted mommy and daddy).

Tomorrow morning at 9am is her recheck on the most recent ear infection. Since we’re flying on Wednesday, if there’s NOT an infection, I may ask for preemptive prescription of antibiotics just in case — I don’t want to have her screaming like a banshee on the plane, after all.

I hope it’s not an infection, though. We’ve been keeping her dosed with Tylenol over the weekend, and that seems to have been helping with the fussies.


Remind me tonight, when it’s getting close to 10 and I’m finally able to do something that I want to do…. REMIND ME that I’m completely exhausted today because I stayed up too late last night.

Got that? REMIND ME.

I’ll tell you to go to hell, but remind me anyway.

Imaginary Friends

I’m headed to Dallas-Ft. Worth this coming Wednesday to meet up with some friends that I’ve been communicating with online at a scrapbooking message board since 1999. I’ve met some of them before, and some I haven’t. But I can guarantee that we’re going to have a wonderful time with much laughter — I’m looking forward to it!

Alice is going with me since she’s nursing. Helen is staying here with Daddy and grandparents. The longest I’ve been away from Helen is about 45 hours. This trip will more than double that record.

By day four, I’ll probably be curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, and sucking my thumb, speaking in toddler gibberish.

Pop Tart

I just looked over and saw Alice on the floor, gnawing on a discarded Pop Tart that Helen had elected not to eat this morning.

Jerry’s narration: “I wish I had teeth!”

Since she hasn’t quite figured out the concept of mashing up food before swallowing it, I took away the Pop Tart before she managed to break any off of it. She’s so used to having me wrench things out of her fat little ham fists she didn’t even complain.