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Elaine Poplin

My name is Elaine Wick Poplin. I’m 50, a wife of a wonderful man, mom of two great young adults, a quilter that loves multiple styles and techniques, and a retired high school mathematics teacher. I’m just getting started as a quilting instructor and lecturer and have traveled around a little for that, and hopefully I’ll be able to do that more in the future. I have also started teaching online classes via Zoom, putting my pandemic classroom experience to good use! It never occurred to me how handy that knowledge learned through trauma would become when things settled back down.

I love traditional quilting, art quilting, modern quilting, and improv quilting. I have a big stash of batiks (LOVE THEM), a stash of modern fabrics (LOVE THEM), a lot of Cherrywood hand-dyes (LOVE THEM), and more ideas than hours in the day to sew. I try to find some time every single day to putter around in my sewing room.

I do my machine quilting myself, using an Innova Classic 22″ longarm quilting machine. My piecing is done on a Janome Memory Craft 7700QCP.

This blog has been active in spurts since 2005, when it started as a mommyblog and place to share scrapbook pages with friends around the world. Now I keep it because it’s fun to look back at what I’ve done and the stories behind the things that I’ve made. Most of the links in the very early posts are dead (especially if they went to photos, which I used to store on other sites), but the stories about my early parenting days may amuse you if you choose to click back.

I primarily talk about sewing and quilting, parenting, math, organization (or my lack thereof) and cats here. Other things can get too contentious so I just don’t. I’m glad that you’re here, and I hope you’ll spend some time wandering around. Don’t forget to say hello!

12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thank you Elaine! … for having the time to blog about quilting. I love the Mad Hatter pattern and am so glad to see you sharing it so freely, that is what promted me to respond to your blog. I am new to all of this, quilting and blogging that is and would love to start my own blog. I have just started quilting this year and have completed 4 quilts, and have 11 more in various stages of being finished. Anyway I am rambling on. A BIG THANK YOU for the inspiration and keep on quilting. Scot

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    Best regard

  3. Is there an old-fashioned subscribe button for the blog? I love following along in other people’s artistic journies!

  4. Hi Elaine. Just found your paper pieced spiral flying geese Christmas table topper on Pinterest, was wondering if you could direct me to a pattern. It is fascinating. Thanks.

  5. Hi Elaine,’
    I found you on the MQG teachers website. I am fascinated by you and you have a fantastic blog. My heart goes out to you and your family about the passing of your father.
    Like I said you were listed as quilting teacher….. do you have any virtual lectures available for guild presentations? If so could you please contact me with the details?
    You are amazing!

  6. Hi Elaine,
    I saw your Vertigo quilt on Facebook a month or so ago. A question was asked “ Where do the circles cross?”. They don’t of course but is a good Illusion and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.
    I am actually writing a book ( not about quilts). It is about the disability field. I saw the image in fb and wanted to use it to demonstrate the illusion that is so often the case that the various departments that are supposed to work together for the good of people with disabilities often don’t even cross paths or don’t know what the other “service” is doing..

    I am seeking your permission to reference that picture of the quilt.. You can feel like you have vertigo after trying to deal with the different services.
    I’d love to hear from you but I am from Australia.

    I can across the photo on Pinterest. I do a bit of quilting as a destresser I would not have came across the real photo if I didn’t quilt. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards

  7. Hi Elaine,
    I came across your pattern for the quilted tree in the quilt magazine and it prompted me to purchase the pattern. I have been sewing most of my life, taught by my Nana at a young age (I’m 51 now). I started with a quilt class this fall and am in love! My ‘therapy’ and escape from work/home life is sewing. Thank you for your inspiration and I look forward to following you in years to come.

  8. Hi Elaine. I am so amazed at your Vertigo quilt. May I have your permission to create my own “version” of the quilt? I would love to create a wall hanging for my room.

  9. Elaine: Did you develop a pattern for either “Easter” or “God so Loved the World” (or similar with the center cross), and where would I find it. I’ve had so much fun with Fibonacci Squared pattern. In scrappy greens, it reminds me, from the air, of the varied crops in either farm fields, or in vegetable crop areas.

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