Mad as a Hatter Modern Quilt Tutorial

Modern Quilt Pattern © 2012 by Elaine Wick Poplin UPDATED 3/23/2016 to remove bizarre symbols that were added in the most recent WordPress update. My apologies if you’ve had difficulty reading this tutorial in the past month — I was unaware that there was an issue until this morning. This quilt block is very simple … Continue reading “Mad as a Hatter Modern Quilt Tutorial”

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Q3 Goals: looking forward

Linking up to Adrienne… On the Windy Side, FAL 2015 Here’s my only-slightly-different list from the last few quarters… 1. Smoke Damage. I completely ignored this one during Q2. Smoke Damage Cathedral Windows, 2012 2. His. About half-quilted now. Also completely ignored during Q2. 3. Peacock. I’ve started quilting it, and I’m not quilting it … Continue reading “Q3 Goals: looking forward”