Beginnings… again

Ok, so this blog has gotten backburnered, and I think I know why. For reasons I don’t really understand, I had decided that I should only share long posts about finished projects and triumphs, which was placing pressure on me. This pressure came from me, which is dumb, because then I rebelled by not writing anything at all. Perfectionism paralysis. So here we are.


When I started this blog years ago it was a personal blog and then a mommy blog, which is where the name came from. That’s a story for another time, but I’ll tell it–it’s quite cute, really. It’s not that I love goats.

When my kids were old enough to be aware that what I posted online was about them, I adjusted my content and started posting more about my artistic endeavors. Scrapbooking was the star for a while, and then I realized that I’m much more successful as an artist with fabric. So for the past long while it’s been a quilting blog.

For two years, my Muse has been quiet, I guess because of the emotional drought caused by my dad’s death. But yesterday I think I got my Next Big Idea.

I am a compulsive doodler, keeping my hands busy and my mind clear when I sit in meetings. I love repetitive geometric shapes within organic curves that happen when I draw Zentangle doodles, like this one from January:

It’s 2.5″x3.5″– an artist trading card, and I have a stack of them with me at all times. During a meeting I allow myself only one card, so you can tell how long the meeting goes by how many details get added to it.

For a while I’ve wanted to create something like this out of fabric, with color and piecework… here are a few links to previous works that have kind of explored the beginnings of this idea, which I now want to combine into one piece. Or many. Who knows?

The Story of “Fusion,” Part Three: Finishing

Linus the WonderCollie, at long last

Seminole Tutorial post

A Semma Tree

Thank you, Natalia!

So last night I started to play. 20 years ago I made Jerry a cross-stitch of part of the Frank Lloyd Wright “Saguaro Cactus Forms” art glass, and it hangs in our bedroom where I see it every day.

We are both drawn to the colors and shapes of the American Southwest, as evidenced by our paint color choices in our home.

And this summer I’ve been doing a lot of digital “coloring” using the app Happy Color, and several have enchanted me. Here’s one:

This morning I pulled out my Seminole Patchwork book and I’ll keep playing today. Who know where this will lead?

Maybe I’ll write more without the pressure to always write an epic post?