2019: Slowing Down?

Social media is kind of the “fast food” of blogging and interactions online. I gave up blogging– without really meaning to do so– back in 2016, and spent my time posting little bites of life on Instagram.

I have found that I miss the slower process of blogging, much because of the art journal it proved to be for me and my process. Not as many people comment on blogs as in the past, I guess because of Instagram and other quicker forms of social media.

But blogging is as much for me and watching my growth as an artist as it is for the interaction.

I need to bring that back into my life. My artistic explorations reached a high point in late 2017 and have sort of decreased over the past year. I think that the lack of documenting my process in longer narratives here has been part of that.

So I’m preparing several posts for January now, and I hope you’ll join me. And I hope that I’ll resume the habit going forward, and perhaps see a creative burst come from lingering more intentionally with my work.

Hopefully I’ll share more works in progress instead of only grand finishes. Maybe that’s why I lost interest– everything had to be so big and it was exhausting. I will start with some finished works that need to be documented, but in time I want to share more of my process, including the low points as well as the high points. As artists we all need to see that others experience the same ranges of emotions as we do, instead of hiding the struggles behind triumphs.

See you soon?