Q1 2015 Finish Along Goals

Twenty finishes in 2014 means I have to up my game in 2015. So let’s GO.

Linking up with Adrianne for the First Quarter of the 2015 Finish-Along! I’m tired of seeing some of these on my list so hopefully I can get them done ASAP.

1. Smoke Damage.

Smoke Damage Cathedral Windows, 2012
Smoke Damage Cathedral Windows, 2012


2. Fibonacci Fractal 2, ready to layer.



3. His. I started quilting it and hated it so I ripped it back out. Still unquilted.


4. Peacock. Layered and terrifying just because of its size. I should do it soon, though — it’s flannel-backed and will be yummy to sleep under this winter.



5. Tessellation Quilt, just to get it off of my list.

Tessellation quilt, unknown start date
Tessellation quilt, unknown start date


6. Underwater scene. Still scared of this but working up the guts to pounce on it.

Storm At Sea Experiment
Storm At Sea Experiment


7. Zebratown. It’s at Mom’s house. I’d have to go get it. And my skill level has improved so much since last time I quilted on it I’m almost scared to look at it.

ZebraTown, 2008
ZebraTown, 2008


8. Hers. I took this down off the wall and put it back in a box so I could use the wall for something else.


9. Placemats using up my leftover fabrics from two quilts… There are 12 placemats and 2 table runners




10. Black Wholecloth quilt. Very excited about this one and I have no idea where it’s leading me at this point.



11. Mystery Quilt from a a few years ago… It’s ready to layer but I don’t have a backing for it yet.

HQH Mystery 2011
HQH Mystery 2011


12. A STILL overdue (and now really REALLY overdue) super-secret supportive quilt for a friend… Layered and ready to quilt. No photos of this one until it has been given to her.


13. Grand Illusion. Backing has been ordered and is on its way. I need to buy more batting because I’m out. Again. This seems to be perpetual.

grand illusion top


14. Where’s the Square Pinwheels. Ready to layer.


15. Pattern test for an Instagram friend’s next book. No photos of this one.


That’s enough, I think!

Twentieth Finish for 2014… FibFrac1!

I finished Fibonacci Fractal #1 on December 31, at Jerry’s insistence.



The weather has been too wet and nasty to get pictures of it on the fence, but I’m pleased with it — mostly because it’s done!


FibFrac2 is not yet layered but it will be as soon as I release some safety pins by quilting other projects… The second one is much more successful as an example of the mathematics involved, but this one turned out to be cuter than I thought it would. With this design, scrappy isn’t as effective.


Finished size 55″ square.