Merry Go Round goes Southwest

Merry Go Round goes Southwest

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For Christmas, Jerry gave me Cozy Modern Quilts by Kim Schaefer. The book has simple quilt patterns in it, designed to help you make graphic and dramatic quilts quickly and easily. This one, called “Merry Go Round,” while easy, was not really quick. I’ve been chipping at it for about a month, and I finally finished the quilt top this weekend. It’s 79.5″ square. BIG.

I LOVE it, though…

The fabrics have been “aging” in my stash since I bought them at the AQS show in Nashville in 2007. Though they weren’t made by the same manufacturer I chose them to go together and really didn’t want to break up the set, so I needed a pattern that would showcase the fabrics and create something interesting, too.

I always respond to strongly geometric designs like this one, so I decided it was a good choice for my first quilt from this book. I’ll actually be teaching a beginning quilting class using this design in June if any locals want to come out and learn. I’ll provide purchasing/cutting instructions for sizes all the way down to table runner size (and I’m making my sample of that size now in some “modern” fabrics, actually), so you don’t have to make one this big. We’ll have us a fun time! 🙂