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I realized after I finished the long-term sub position that I totally forgot to have anyone take pictures of me in the classroom. And then it wasn’t my classroom anymore — it belonged to someone else.

This is the only photo I have… Jerry took it with his iPhone in late July one day when the girls and I went in to rearrange desks, drop off a kitchen stool for me to perch on, and get all the books arranged on the shelves and ready for the students when school started.

It was a very sterile room — the fact that you can only see a little tells you a lot, actually — the view from the window was the air conditioning system for the whole building. If I stood on tippytoes I could see the pasture behind the school. The walls were a boring cream color with a burgundy stripe around it about 3/4 of the way up. No curtains. Nothing on the walls. And since it wasn’t my room, I couldn’t really make big changes because I didn’t know when the teacher would be here to take over and make it his room.

I did create a small quilt (about 12″x18″) that was a color representation of the rotating schedule, and left it in the classroom for the students as a remembrance after I left. They’ve told me that they’ve told Mr. Clark he’s not allowed to take that quilt down, which makes me laugh. It hangs right behind his desk still.

I’m glad Jerry had this one picture, because my excitement is evident even if it doesn’t show you very much else.

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